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Novell and Ximian Novell's board of directors on Thursday named Ron Hovsepian CEO and president to replace Jack Messman, and ousted the company's chief financial officer. In a conference call on Thursday, company executives said the changes were made to accelerate the growth at Novell, which has had disappointing financial results, particularly in its Linux business.
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Netware, the old 386 based kernel system, is dead. Those who absolutely must have it can do so in a Xen-style environment running under SLES 10. This is the official stance.

Now, the core services of netware, file (NSS), print (NDPS/iPrint), Groupwise, Zenworks, Identity Management, and of course eDirectory, have all been ported to other platforms, either through java, mono, or native code, in the case of eDir and NSS.

So the kernel's dead as a dodo, and honestly, should have died about 5 years ago. NW 6.5 is proof that they've reached the limits of what the old kernel design can handle.

Moving to a linux based kernel makes a lot of sense for them, and I hope it works.

But without an agressive marketing campaign, and a solid product (SLES 9 is good, but Open Enterprise Server/Linux is obviously a bolt on) that looks like a unified system to deliver to the customers, with a standardized management interface, that works with existing solutions, they're doomed.

OES has the functionality, but it's a bit schizoid as to whether it's a linux server or a linux server with Novell applications bolted on top. You configure some things in Yast, some in iManager, and some from the command line-- which just isn't a good setup. iManager keeps getting better, and between it and a fully functional Yast system, OES 2.0 (I have no idea what the next OES release is called) should be pretty spiffy.

Now they need to work on the marketing. Having managed hundreds of workstations via eDir/Zenworks and AD/SMS, there is absolutely no comparison-- Microsoft is 5-10 years behind the curve. Problem is, nobody knows what Zenworks can do.

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