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Opera Software eWeek reviews Opera 9, and is full of praise: "It's a good bet that if you want to see the features that other Web browsers will be adding in a year or two, you should download Opera 9, which was released on June 20. The free Opera 9 is available in Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD and Mac OS X versions. In our tests, we found Opera 9 to be one of the best Web browsing tools we've used in a long time, which is why we are giving Opera 9 an eWEEK Labs Analyst's Choice award." They have a set of screenshots as well.
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RE[2]: Great browser
by kamil_chatrnuch on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 08:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Great browser"
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it is and always was faster then firefox.

the factors, that may influence your tests:
- the use of caching [did you try it on firefox before?]
- ad blocking [does the firefox show you the ad on top of]
- different ads loaded

i've did a quick test with your site

os: winxp pro sp2
page used:
constant cpu load: 30%
not pre-cached

opera9 [build 8501]: 1.652
firefox : 2.384
ie 6 [6.0.2900] : 3.985

btw. my take: benchmarks mean nothing, take what works best for you ;)

after you try this pages several times [cached], the result will be almost everytime different

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