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Fedora Core "It is time yet again where the next Fedora Core installment (this time, Core 6) begins to grab the attention of red-hat-wearing penguins and other GNU/Linux enthusiasts. Yesterday was the inaugural test release of Fedora Core 6, which is targeted at die-hard Fedorians, and any other users wishing to get a glimpse at what Fedora Core 6 will hold in store." Read more here.
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RE: So soon...
by anonymous_coward on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 20:19 UTC in reply to "So soon..."
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My only, and still ongoing complaint is it is too much effort to get a minimal server type install.

You just need to create kickstart configuration file with system-config-kickstart and in %packages section put only:


In default minimal installation you will have @core and @base ;-)

Then follow this instructions →

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