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Fedora Core "It is time yet again where the next Fedora Core installment (this time, Core 6) begins to grab the attention of red-hat-wearing penguins and other GNU/Linux enthusiasts. Yesterday was the inaugural test release of Fedora Core 6, which is targeted at die-hard Fedorians, and any other users wishing to get a glimpse at what Fedora Core 6 will hold in store." Read more here.
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RE[2]: Fedora Core 6
by Disruptor on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 20:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Fedora Core 6"
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Your experiences with Fedora are very concerning indeed. I have been using exclusively gnu/linux for the last 5 years and among the mainstream distros I tried, (for me) noone came even close to the usability and quality of Redhat/Fedora. There is a reason for that and it's _not_ that fedora is indeed _that_ better. I had problems over the years, with programs and upgrades and whatever, but after dealing with them in a consistent basis, I've reached the point were now these quirks are invisible to me. And I mean *INVISIBLE*. I guess that getting familiar with something kinda tricks the mind. And I realized it when I tried to install windows on my pc as well, and the whole procedure just got the hell out of me. NOTE: please bare in mind that what follows is _not_ a rant - please see where I am trying to get to at the end. My soundcard didn't work at all, sp2 created a problem that made windows unbootable (I had to upgrade bios and stuff and then install a critcal patch using a very non-average-joe-use procedure, ati drivers sucked and I had to resort to the omega drivers) ... all these had been non-existent for fedora/redhat with the freshrpms repository and stuff. However I noticed that all my budies were going through similar problems with windows but exactly because they were going through them again and again in a consistent basis, these problems became `invisible' to them (`windows works great and out of the box' etc). I guess what is important in the pc world is to what operating system you are accustomed and used to, cause the familiarity you develop with it ends up tricking your mind about it's actual quality.

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