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Apple "When one takes the seamless integration, stability, ease of use, quality engineering, the TCO, and the ability to boot Windows, one can easily conclude that a Mac is not necessarily a more expensive proposition. The argument that Mac's are too expensive no longer applies. Although you can spend between $600 and several thousand for a Mac, stay within your means and purchase a system that meets your computing demands."
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ehhh disapointed
by gregf on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 22:10 UTC
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Well after reading this went to apple's online store. No hope for me. To be happy with a mac i still need a g5 to even get a tower. Your talking $2,900 for a mac that i would be happy with. I can go the intel route wich i tried first and do the mini. Can barley get any hardware that way. The hardware is good on the intel without the mini but its built into my monitor. Thats just plain terrible IMHO! Please do not get me wrong i would love to get a mac for a change. I run linux myself and would be happy with OS X i think. But with out me spending a extra grand or more i could not be satisfied at the moment buying a mac. They have the better OS and software by default, hardware can't compare as of yet.

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