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Microsoft Linux isn't a threat to Windows on the desktop and is losing steam on the server as customers separate the operating system from the development model, according to Microsoft's chief platform strategist. Bill Hilf, general manager of competitive strategy at Microsoft, said pundits have predicted for years that Linux will gain momentum on the desktop, but that won't happen because of the complexity involved in delivering a tightly integrated and tested desktop product.
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I'm a linux snob
by FishB8 on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 22:34 UTC
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I really hope that linux stays on the fringe of the techo-nerd crowd. I enjoy having productive conversations with other Linux users that produces real solutions.

The last thing I want is for everyone to start using linux en-mass and start posting support questions to b-boards, news-groups, and mailing lists that either don't make any sense at all or are so lame they make you stupider just having read them. After an hour on the phone trying to help someone connect a USB device only to finally realize they somehow jammed the usb connector into the eithernet jack, (true story) I swore off helping windows users.

I don't understand this crazy notion that once Linux is used by the majority of computer users it has finally accomplished something. Linux has sort of become my oasis from the world of poeple who make my head hurt and I want it to stay that way.

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