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Apple "When one takes the seamless integration, stability, ease of use, quality engineering, the TCO, and the ability to boot Windows, one can easily conclude that a Mac is not necessarily a more expensive proposition. The argument that Mac's are too expensive no longer applies. Although you can spend between $600 and several thousand for a Mac, stay within your means and purchase a system that meets your computing demands."
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RE[5]: Cheap shot
by stestagg on Sat 24th Jun 2006 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Cheap shot"
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Thom's continual and tiresome *subtle* Mac bashing has been getting on my nerves for months now.

So where is this 'Mac Bashing'? What I see is links to 2 articles, one that shamelessly sells Macs, another that points out some hardware defects in Apple products. In by book this is called BALANCED journalism.

If Thom were to just post summaries of pro-Mac articles, then I would accuse him of bias.

BTW. I own a Mac, Windows PC and Linux PC, and use all three regularly.

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