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Apple "When one takes the seamless integration, stability, ease of use, quality engineering, the TCO, and the ability to boot Windows, one can easily conclude that a Mac is not necessarily a more expensive proposition. The argument that Mac's are too expensive no longer applies. Although you can spend between $600 and several thousand for a Mac, stay within your means and purchase a system that meets your computing demands."
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RE: Cheap shot
by stestagg on Sat 24th Jun 2006 11:22 UTC in reply to "Cheap shot"
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Thom, I think that most of your readership actually have a sense of humour and appreciate your light sattire.

Hell guys, Thom is making a serious point and providing some balance to a seriously one-sided article. It is the job of any journalist to be dispassionate and just linking to articles that sell Apple is hardly that.

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