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Microsoft Linux isn't a threat to Windows on the desktop and is losing steam on the server as customers separate the operating system from the development model, according to Microsoft's chief platform strategist. Bill Hilf, general manager of competitive strategy at Microsoft, said pundits have predicted for years that Linux will gain momentum on the desktop, but that won't happen because of the complexity involved in delivering a tightly integrated and tested desktop product.
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RE[2]: Good point
by stestagg on Sat 24th Jun 2006 11:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Good point"
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Linux is the kernel. The kernel is not bloated.

You're being overly pedantic. When People are talking about linux in this context, they are talking about common distributions. I.e. RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu.

but that is up to the admin to cut back on the stuff that is not needed in the install.

What admin? A truly dedicated Linux admin might have the knowledge to deselect the right packages when deploying machines. 98% of Desktop installs outside of large corporate deplyments are done by OEMs and these people will just slap on a default install of Fedora or Ubuntu. Both of these run more slowly at the DE level than windows.


The majority of people (wether they use linux or windows) do not want to install ANYTHING...ever.) They use what they know and expect everything to work 'out of the box'.

Linux is not up to this level yet.

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