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Microsoft Linux isn't a threat to Windows on the desktop and is losing steam on the server as customers separate the operating system from the development model, according to Microsoft's chief platform strategist. Bill Hilf, general manager of competitive strategy at Microsoft, said pundits have predicted for years that Linux will gain momentum on the desktop, but that won't happen because of the complexity involved in delivering a tightly integrated and tested desktop product.
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RE[2]: Linux
by stestagg on Sat 24th Jun 2006 11:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux"
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Linux supports more hardware out of the box than Windows

This may be true 'by numbers' but if you discount the 100s of Ham radio interface drivers and obsolete Tape archive drivers, the issue is very different.

So I want to install drivers for my Radeon Graphics card. 5 days later and I'm bodden down into some legal discussion about the legality of Binary Blobs linking their headers into an open-source kernel driver. I mean WTF.

Likewise, my TV Card. Windows: 10 minutes. Linux 10 Hours, and I end up with , after having to edit config files, a flickery image that keeps dropping out. Altho I'm told that my TV card should work 'out the box' with Distro X.

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