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Microsoft Linux isn't a threat to Windows on the desktop and is losing steam on the server as customers separate the operating system from the development model, according to Microsoft's chief platform strategist. Bill Hilf, general manager of competitive strategy at Microsoft, said pundits have predicted for years that Linux will gain momentum on the desktop, but that won't happen because of the complexity involved in delivering a tightly integrated and tested desktop product.
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RE[4]: Well
by stestagg on Sat 24th Jun 2006 11:57 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Well"
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If you're talking about the Aero interface vs. Xgl...

1. Linux managed to co-erce a system together that was buggy and required a fair ammount of hacking to get working on any common distro. You need a CompSci degree to do it. (BTW. I tried for a couple of hours and gave up with all the legal checks over Radeon drivers). Oh but none of that matters because it's free.

2. Windows. Hell it costs $300 BUT you put the CD in the grey box and 2 hours later, you have a complete OS installed with all the features you've read about working AND you don't have to know anything about what's going on 'below the hood'.

I'm not trying to stop anyone from tinkering with Linux but there needs to be a distribution out there that is seriously user friendly before it will even begin to take a swipe at MS.


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