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Apple "When one takes the seamless integration, stability, ease of use, quality engineering, the TCO, and the ability to boot Windows, one can easily conclude that a Mac is not necessarily a more expensive proposition. The argument that Mac's are too expensive no longer applies. Although you can spend between $600 and several thousand for a Mac, stay within your means and purchase a system that meets your computing demands."
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RE: I don't get it
by CaptainFlint on Sat 24th Jun 2006 16:37 UTC in reply to "I don't get it"
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When we start seeing propaganda articles like "The Misconception Sonys/IBMs/BrandX Are Too Expensive" your point would come into play. If someone writes an article questioning peoples conceptions and opinions people and seeks to influence them otherwise, some backlash and outrage are to be expected.

I am not on either side, I have owned a mac previously and own a few pcs right now. I am just trying to help you out here. You did say you didn't get it. I hope this sheds some light on some peoples indignation over the issue.

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