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Apple "Could it ever happen? Is there even a possibility that we will see OS X on the PC? To be honest, I believe there is. But unlike others who believe that it will happen on a large scale, what I foresee instead is OS X on a very select number of Apple approved PCs. And as great as this could potentially be, here comes the rub: if we do in fact see OS X on the PC platform, Steve Jobs would only allow it just for the press - nothing more."
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Apple setting itself up...
by Shadowmane on Sun 25th Jun 2006 05:17 UTC
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Seems to me Apple is quietly taking the best of both worlds, putting it together in a package and selling it with their hardware. They put the best of the open source world with the one of the best of the proprietary world, and nobody realizes exactly what they're doing. They're going to keep chugging along until in about 10 years or so, they're going to start grabbing market share. That is, if Microsoft don't get its act together quickly.

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