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Qt Thinking on the issue of licensing and KDE, an old hymn came to the mind of OfB's Tim Butler. "As it was in the beginning, is now, And ever shall be" Yes, the issue of licensing has been a perennial problem for the Free/Open Source desktop and he suggests its biggest licensing issue remains: the GPL. Read more at
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RE: KDE is about free software
by kaiwai on Wed 6th Jul 2005 11:04 UTC in reply to "KDE is about free software"
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I think what alot of people are failing to grasp about opensource is this; they assume because it isn't 'mainstream' or 'embraced by a big company' that some how the whole project is going to die.

From what I see, KDE has never been stronger, its going from strength to strength; make the installation extremely easy for those distros that don't have it available by default, and you'll find that KDE will gradually creep onto Joe Average desktop, even when the distribution may concerntrate only on GNOME.

I think some people here (I'm obviously pointing it at the guy who you replied to), who need to get it through their head that just because something is pre-loaded or mainstream, it doesn't automatically 'dying' or 'obsolete'.

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