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Windows AndandTech, in its usual in-depth fashion (14 pages), reviewed Windows Vista Beta 2. Their conclusions are grouped per competitor-- the MacOS and XP. On Tiger: "However, even with the massive improvements Microsoft has shown with Vista, we still feel they aren't quite ready to beat Tiger in a fight." When comparing to XP: "Feature for feature, Vista is superior to XP, and its only real costs are memory usage, hard drive usage, and price." In the meantime, Microsoft has released a new build of Vista. Update: Screencast of Beta 2.
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RE[3]: Cost
by google_ninja on Sun 25th Jun 2006 19:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Cost"
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If the OS doesnt provide productivity, it's a shitty os.

ask 10 windows users and youll get the opinion that its all about applications. ask 10 mac users, they will spend the next hour listing off os features which make them more productive.

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