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Linux Between December 2004 and July 2005, the "defect density" in the Linux kernel has fallen from 0.17 to 0.16 and all serious defects have been corrected, a new report out from code analysis firm Coverity asserts. Defect density declined by 2.2 percent.
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by butters on Thu 4th Aug 2005 21:28 UTC in reply to "Re: butters"
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Gentoo has a UT2003 GameCD as well as a couple others. The technology is there. The only thing possibly lacking is high-quality graphics drivers, and the latest nVidia drivers for Linux are getting decent. How's 3D acceleration on *BSD?

"LOL Until a distro boots to a perfectly-configured, non-bloated desktop with full 3D/sound/networking/input support, that suggestion is a crock of shit."

There are tens of LiveCDs that satisfy these requirements. I don't know of any Linux LiveCDs that don't automatically configure sound, networking, and especially input devices. Most newer LiveCDs (2.6.x kernel by default) will configure 3D acceleration if you have an nVidia card. Not sure if FreeSBIE (a FreeBSD LiveCD) does 3D acceleration.

I thought that UT200* was OpenGL. I was wrong. Half Life was OpenGL, not sure about Half Life 2. DirectX sucks because: 1) horrible texture rendering compared to OpenGL, 2) slower than OpenGL, and 3) only 3D toolkit for PC gaming that is not cross platform.

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