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Microsoft "WinFS has been officially pulled out of Microsoft's road map for products and services - permanently. People all around the web are shocked and complaining. But the thing is: who didn't expect this? Although no one came out and said it directly, no one spoke of WinFS except as a distant memory, it was quite obvious that people didn't buy Microsoft's story of it shipping separately. If people believed, the shock and outrage today would be ten times as big as it was when the LH project was rebooted and WinFS torn out with the strings still hanging. But the question many people are asking these long years later is: what is WinFS anyway? And what's the big deal if everyone already knew it wasn't coming?"
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RE[2]: Top quality reporting
by SterlingNorth on Sun 25th Jun 2006 23:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Top quality reporting"
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It's very likely that he went over a bandwidth limit when a lot of people started arriving unexpectedly at his website -- perhaps directed by a link from a popular high-traffic website. Now I wonder, where such a site might be. . .

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