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Apple Recent news tells us Apple is still struggling to gain market share in the personal computer market. That's too bad. While I have some beefy grieves with Apple (being that I am an IT "expert" and all that), their systems nonetheless beat the proverbial tars out of the typical Windows PC crowd.
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A headache installing or configuring software? What about understanding what xin is for, or understanding version numbers like or maybe it's the 'empowerment'to know exacly what man page to look at if they wanted to release/renew their ip, or simply figure out what version of linux kernel they are using?

Linux will give freedom from DRM, vendor lock in, proprietory protocols and document formats, strong arm sales tactics and control by a single company.

You paint too dismal a picture. Linux has been getting easier to use by the day and it fairly easy to maintain and update. Also what is wrong with man pages? I would think proper documentation would be appreciated.

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