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Internet & Networking Slowly, I step out of the Intercity train to Amsterdam, en route to university; I'm tired, I need some coffee. I check my watch and realise my metro leaves in 3 minutes, so I need to hurry in order to and buy me a coffee-to-go, and make it on time to the metro platform. I pick up my pace to run, as Mike Skinner would say.
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RE[5]: WT...F?
by stestagg on Mon 26th Jun 2006 20:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: WT...F?"
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When Thom says; 'pick up a newspaper'. He doesn't mean a porn mag (The Sun?). If you read a REAL (UK) newspaper like the Times, or Telegraph. You'll notice that many of the columns are written in this style. This is because they are aimed at intelligent people who appreciate a bit of gentle whit in their life.


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