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Windows AndandTech, in its usual in-depth fashion (14 pages), reviewed Windows Vista Beta 2. Their conclusions are grouped per competitor-- the MacOS and XP. On Tiger: "However, even with the massive improvements Microsoft has shown with Vista, we still feel they aren't quite ready to beat Tiger in a fight." When comparing to XP: "Feature for feature, Vista is superior to XP, and its only real costs are memory usage, hard drive usage, and price." In the meantime, Microsoft has released a new build of Vista. Update: Screencast of Beta 2.
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RE[5]: Cost
by google_ninja on Mon 26th Jun 2006 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Cost"
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Multitasking/Minimizing/File Managers are pretty much standard nowadays, Expose on a mac, Multiple Desktops on linux, Im starting to really dig Katapult on KDE, Spotlight/Beagle/Whatever they call their search on Vista, Automator on the mac, The dictionary/verb applet on Gnome, Quicksilver on mac, Kwallet on KDE, etc

I could go on, but its time to eat. These are all OS features which improve efficiency (at least for me).

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