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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Sun today released Solaris 10 6/06, which provides a host of improvements; most notably, this is the first release to support ZFS. Download it from Sun's Solaris website. A short summary of the new features is also available. Other new features besides ZFS: UDP and TCP/IP improvements, PCI Express support on x86 (including hotplugging), predictive self healing for x64 systems, and much more.
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sorry but Sun can do what it likes
by project_2501 on Mon 26th Jun 2006 22:58 UTC
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sun put in the research, development and testing for the SFS. It paid people and it put in resources. In my view Sun is under no obligation to relicense ZFS to GPL or anything else. I think Sun has been incredibly generous to allow free downloads and even free unsupported commercial use for solaris and excellent tools such as dtrace and zfs.

If the linux community don't like it - why don't they make their own ZFS?

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