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In the News CNN made a top 10 list of people who do not matter anymore in the tech industry. Among them, Steve Ballmer, Linus Torvalds, Jonathan Schwartz, Rob Malda from Slashdot, and Ken Kutaragi (responsible for the Playstation). This list is actually a by-product from their top 50 list of people who do matter; which containts, among others, Steve Jobs.
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What the heck are they smoking?
by Gullible Jones on Tue 27th Jun 2006 14:52 UTC
Gullible Jones
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Balmer? Still matters because he'll probably be making policy decisions regarding Windows Vista. Yeah, that's pretty big.

Hastings? It doesn't look to me like the DVD is endangered. In fact, there is at the moment an advertisement right under the list entry that would seem to contradict this notion.

Kutaragi? Well, let's see how Blu-Ray turns out. And remember, Sony is still making other stuff. Lots of other stuff.

Leiberfarb? I see their gripe about him, but really, the idea that safe storage media like the DVD will disappear is quite ridiculous. Backups are the best way to preserve your data and an optical storage medium consisting of a plastic disk with spots or pits is a marvelous way to back things up.

Schwartz? They must be kidding, seriously.

Torvalds? Linux is the kernel, not the OS. Torvalds rights code for the kernel and a lot of the commits go through him. The way the kernel goes is important for obvious reasons, so he still matters, even if he's not in control of distribution development.

Whoever wrote this thing is quite the ignoramus...

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