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Original OSNews Interviews The news that Apple is going to switch to Intel processors shook up the computing world. Many users and developers were eager to publish their opinions on the switch. However, one group of people were totally neglected during all this: resellers. Today, we feature an interview with Wim Schermer, first Dutchman to own a Mac (in 1984), and co-founder of one of the biggest Apple retail stores in The Netherlands, MacSupport. We discuss the switch to Intel, and much more.
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RE: Price
by kellym4 on Thu 4th Aug 2005 23:35 UTC in reply to "Price"
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Actually, I think he got it wrong about the whole price issue. Sure, Macs typically are of higher quality but they don't cost more. The problem the creates this illusion amongst most PC users is that Apple includes bundled software and additional hardware components in the computers which aren't typically incorporated in what they believe are comparable PCs. If Apple costs more its because you're getting more. It's a hard point to illustrate because Apple limits the amount of selection that you can get. As a result, you are typically forced into buying more than what you may want. Regardless, the notion that Macs are more expensive is a false one. When a PC is equipped with the exact same components in hardware, software and operating system (and that means ALL the components no more no less) as that which come standard on any Mac the two computers will typically be the same price. Often times, the Mac will be less expensive.

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