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Legal The European Commission is ready to impose a fine of 2m Euros ($2.5m; 1.4m) a day on Microsoft. The Commission is expected to rule that Microsoft has failed to fully implement its 2004 antitrust decision. Under the ruling, Microsoft had to supply rivals with information about its Windows operating system.
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by ThawkTH on Tue 27th Jun 2006 21:59 UTC in reply to "..."
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Hey Look! They made the ruling over a year ago, didn't they?

If it was about the money, they'd start charging first.

Not to mention, while 2.5Mill a day isn't chump change...It's not that much for the European Union. I'm sure they'll spend it, and happily, but Microsoft saw this coming.

They were probably waiting to see if the EU has any teeth. Well, now they're starting to growl.
Now MS, and most multinational corporations, will watch and see if they have any bite.

I must say, if the EU doesn't do SOMETHING now, I doubt they'll have any respect in the future...

I say, give 'em Hell Brussels! This is what you get for defying a lawful decision in another country. Just because you disagree and you're based in another country doesn't mean a thing. You do business there?

You play by their rules.

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