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Legal "Nathan Myhrvold, formerly Microsoft's chief technology officer, retired six years ago from the software giant with a fortune that, it's safe to say, runs well into nine figures. But instead of taking early retirement as a chance to relax, travel, and maybe dash off a unified field theory or two, Myhrvold has founded a firm that has produced almost as much rage, terror, and ominous speculation as Microsoft once did."
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by hauger on Tue 27th Jun 2006 23:22 UTC
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Could you imagine if you could patent literary devices. Imagine someone patented the style of writing in the third person, but couldn't really afford (or care) to enforce the patent. Luckily for our broke friend though, patents are a form of property, so evil company X buys the patent from the original holder, then puts the screws to all the other writers out there who've dared to write in the third person ignorant of the fact that a patent existed covering such writing.

Man, that'd be a horrible world.

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