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Legal The European Commission is ready to impose a fine of 2m Euros ($2.5m; 1.4m) a day on Microsoft. The Commission is expected to rule that Microsoft has failed to fully implement its 2004 antitrust decision. Under the ruling, Microsoft had to supply rivals with information about its Windows operating system.
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Watch out Microsoft
by Governa on Wed 28th Jun 2006 01:35 UTC
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Building a nice OS. That is ok.
Building a nice OS and then locking it down to avoid any rival company from using the underlying technology to develop apps capable of rival with IE, WMP, WMA, WMV, MSN Mess, MS Office and such is just plain wrong. That hurts small players like Opera, Firefox, AIM, ICQ, Wordperfect, Lotus 1-2-3 just to name a few.

One example, Firewire vs. USB. Microsoft always pushed Firewire support down the drain just because it was developed by Apple.

You can get full support for IEEE 1394a and 1394b on Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and other operating systems, but with the release of SP2 for WinXP, the default speed for all types of firewire is S100 (100 Mbit/second). Having in mind that Firewire400 can transfer data at 400 Mbit/s and Firewire800 can transfer at 800 Mbit/s, this is totally ridiculous by Microsoft.

Microsoft is not evil but its actions are hurting both small software makers and the consumers. We end up paying more and getting less.

This is NOT an Europe vs. USA thing. If you think it is you are being childish.

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