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Legal The European Commission is ready to impose a fine of 2m Euros ($2.5m; 1.4m) a day on Microsoft. The Commission is expected to rule that Microsoft has failed to fully implement its 2004 antitrust decision. Under the ruling, Microsoft had to supply rivals with information about its Windows operating system.
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This is not piling on. It is about time the USA stops hiding behind the excuse *that everybody hates America*. The EU is just enforcing European laws, like every other sovereign entity.

Microsoft is well known for polluting protocols created by others and pushing these hybrid monstrosities aggressively out into the market. MS doesn't compete on merrit, they kill competition by several tactics (bundling, Embrace/Extend/Extinguish, preloading) which give MS products the leg up against competing products.

The EU warned MS that these practises wouldn't be tolerated in the European market. They made it very clear that MS should comply with the ruling or be fined an X amount per day of non-compliance. MS stays in non-compliance and now we should feel sorry for poor old MS, because they are an American company that is being piled on by Europe? MS should play by the rules of the markets they operate in.

Just because MS is the biggest supplier of Operating Systems and Office software for average users doesn't mean they can ignore laws without consequences.

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