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Linux "The impending release of Windows Vista with its fancy Aero Glass special effects, along with the hasty addition of the similar XGL and Compiz technologies to the latest SUSE Linux release makes me think that programmers have a warped idea of what desktop computing is about. For some reason, many GNU/Linux users are concerned about competing feature-for-feature with Vista, while Apple and Microsoft struggle to add more graphical extras to their already graphics-intensive desktop OSes. It's gotten so that you need a serious 3D video card (with proprietary drivers) and a fairly fast computer just to keep up with desktop environments. Whatever happened to being productive and having fun?"
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its true, i dont need all of this
by k.g.stoyanov on Wed 28th Jun 2006 14:15 UTC
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its stupid. all of us use computers:
1. for fun
2. for work

for fun i need my audio software to run smooth, to watch my videos, to watch some porn, and to listen my music
for work its the same, its all software

i dont need to boot in fancy-3d-transperent OS to do all this, it will make me not happy, i want the OS just to runs, i dont want to buy 1GB of memory for vista, or new hdd or new cpu...its the same with games - they make ALL big, this is not the future, this is not technology - to make things BIGGER...sounds like
"we build the NEW CAR OF THE FUTURE - it runs with 1000 kmh, and its 2000house power, its invicible, but it weighs 50 tons and needs 1 ton of fuel per km"...Hello all of you making things bigger - you are developing myass! cheers, K.!

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