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Linux "The impending release of Windows Vista with its fancy Aero Glass special effects, along with the hasty addition of the similar XGL and Compiz technologies to the latest SUSE Linux release makes me think that programmers have a warped idea of what desktop computing is about. For some reason, many GNU/Linux users are concerned about competing feature-for-feature with Vista, while Apple and Microsoft struggle to add more graphical extras to their already graphics-intensive desktop OSes. It's gotten so that you need a serious 3D video card (with proprietary drivers) and a fairly fast computer just to keep up with desktop environments. Whatever happened to being productive and having fun?"
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by project_2501 on Wed 28th Jun 2006 14:19 UTC
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i have known for years that the linux/bsd/solaris computing environment was ugly. remember xforms and fvwm? remember when motif was considered slick?

myself and my people who actually use linux/unix as their main desktop do so because of the functionality and reliability, as well as the configurability (usually to pare down bloat). today i still use lyx, not msword, i still use bc not Calculator (because you have command history and arbitrary precision), ... and so on...

and i want to be reassured that mainstream distros will support modestly powered computers ... 1/2 Gb of RAM should be plenty. especially when you remember that desktop linux used to arrive on a set of floppies ... and looking further back at Impression Desktop Publisher ran fine on 1MB Acorn desktop machines evenw ith no hard disk ... and even further back at very usable spreadsheets and word processors for the 8bit computers with 16 or 32K RAM.

if you want bloat make it optional, not mandatory.

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