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Microsoft "There are obviously a lot of questions on people's minds. So I post again today trying to answer some of them. To those who think I am not a real person but rather a name in front of PR machinery that's just not true. I am flesh and blood with a job, a team, and a passion for what we have been pursuing in WinFS. And even a life outside of Microsoft Building 35 with a wife, kids and other interests. Certainly seems like I might have been too careful in wording last week was not my intention to offend bloggers everywhere, really."
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RE[4]: No Questions
by timkar on Wed 28th Jun 2006 15:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No Questions"
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<blockquote> Somebody points out the truth, you don't like it and you stamp your feet - as usual.</blockquote>

You know, having been on a deathmarch or two in my life, I think we're all being a bit harsh. Yes, there probably some systemic issues at MS and a number of PR issues, but at this point, I see no point in kicking a man while he's down.

It's not as if he's saying, "ha ha, we're not finishing WinFS, nyah!" It has to be a great disappointment, but then, kicking a man while he's down does seem to be a well developed skill among developers (...and don't try to tell me it isn't).
This is a list of skills necessary for a modern developer to be successful in any major software shop.

1. Kicking a beaten adversary.
2. Undermining competing a project's progress.
3. Under-estimating your time frame.
4. Mad golf skills
5. Good hair.

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