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Original OSNews Interviews The news that Apple is going to switch to Intel processors shook up the computing world. Many users and developers were eager to publish their opinions on the switch. However, one group of people were totally neglected during all this: resellers. Today, we feature an interview with Wim Schermer, first Dutchman to own a Mac (in 1984), and co-founder of one of the biggest Apple retail stores in The Netherlands, MacSupport. We discuss the switch to Intel, and much more.
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RE[6]: Price
by Anonymous Penguin on Fri 5th Aug 2005 02:32 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Price"
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Yes, but Joe User *does not buy separate commercial software*, except maybe for MS Office, but tech savy friends are telling Joe User to download OpenOffice instead.
And the majority of us use OSS instead, unless we *really* need a commercial program.

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