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Linux Linux has one, last, chance to become the No1 OS in a particular consumer-oriented market (not counting servers): the mobile phone market. The open nature and yes, the hype around Linux has made lots of mobile-oriented companies to consider using Linux for their next-generation cellphones. But there is a major problem on the way to success, a problem which is created not by Linux itself, but by the greed and close-mindness of these same companies that endorse Linux.
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You start to get on my nervers, because you are taking things into your own spin.

If by "your own spin" you mean I actually worked in the cell phone industry and know the history and reality of the situation, then sure.

Yes, because they are different OSes. I am not asking in my article to have ALL cellphones to be compatible. I am asking the LINUX-based cellphones to be compatible.

Why should all Linux based cellphones be compatible when (demonstrable) no other cellphones are? And to try and lump that with Linux's future possibilities is just silly.

UIQ is not S60. It has a different GUI, it is not source compatible, it was never meant to be. UIQ was created by a third party company and THEN nokia bought them. Nokia wanted to CLOSE them down (exactly because they didn't want to confuse their users with S60 and UIQ), but Sony Ericsson needed them because SE didn't wanna use S60.

Sorry but wrong. I worked for Ericsson during the Psion/Symbian split. The concept from day one was that each provider could and would have their own profiles. UIQ was one of Ericsson's profiles. They also had something closer to Series 60 which never made it to widespread production. That doesn't take into account Series 70 or any of the other Symbian derivatives that were around before Nokia bought out most of the stake in Symbian. The rest of that comment is nonsense, Ericsson was one of the original 4 that formed Symbian, Nokia had no say or ability to close UIQ down (especially since UIQ didn't even exist when Symbian was created, it was Psion version 5 at that time).

And besides, who told you that I am happy about UIQ and S60 not being compatible? I am not happy about it either! Closing down UIQ and adding touchcreen support on S60 is the right thing to do.

Of course that won't happen and the reason is because cell phone providers don't need or want to be compatible.

Please! Palm goes with Windows because PalmOS is DEAD. And Windows Mobile has over 30 phones out there, it has ALREADY an ESTABLISHED application base of 20,000 apps.

Wow! 30 phones! Wow! Of course, Nokia, by itself, has more than that many GSM models and they run on at least 5 different operating systems (two regular cell phone systems, Series 30, Series 60 and their Linux devices).

Most people don't care, that's true. But more and more, do care, especially young people. In the future, most people will require their phone to do "more". And all I am asking is for the available platforms today, to be READY for that day. And for Linux to play a ROLE in that future, it MUST be compatible with its incarnations.

Sorry but there is no data that young people or anyone else (except you) cares beyond the ability to interoperate at the SMS/MMS and IM level. The fact that people are willing to spend more for a poor 10 second ringtone then they do for an entire song on iTMS should clue you in on that. You might was well save yourself some time and end this crusade now. Especially since you don't seem to be terribly familiar with the cell phone industry or how it works.

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