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Linux Linux has one, last, chance to become the No1 OS in a particular consumer-oriented market (not counting servers): the mobile phone market. The open nature and yes, the hype around Linux has made lots of mobile-oriented companies to consider using Linux for their next-generation cellphones. But there is a major problem on the way to success, a problem which is created not by Linux itself, but by the greed and close-mindness of these same companies that endorse Linux.
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Fragmentation Means Less Apps
by Gunderwo on Thu 29th Jun 2006 09:24 UTC
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I work for a company that writes software for both Palm and Pocket PC's. We've recently looked into porting our software oto smartphones. At present this will not be hapening because of this exact issue. If we make the oivestment to write our software we can't target only a small portion of the smartphone market.

It's bad enough that there is 3 competing OS's. At this point the only platform we could even consider is Windows and we don't want to go develop on windows unless it's the only option.

Linux on the mobile will die a slow death, the same way things happened on the desktopif it's competitors, linux, get their act together.

Why do you think Windows won the desktop wars in the 90's? Why do you think that PS2 one the console war last round? The answer is because of applications. Most consumers couldn't careless what OS a phone, computer, console, etc runs. They do care what softwae is available for it. When some one sheels out $500 for a phone they're going to buy the phone with the applications they need more often than not.

If this state of fragmentation continues we'll see that windows based phones start selling better, an better. Not because their interface is nicer, not because it runs windows, but because theirs 10 times as many applications that are available.

So to all the previous posters that think it's acceptable to continue in this manner, I suggest you open your eyes and realize that the status quo eventually becomes yesterdays news and a more intelligent business model will prevail.

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