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Mac OS X "At the Worldwide Developers Conference in August, Apple plans to provide a sneak preview of the next major update to OS X, code named Leopard. Apple is typically tight-lipped about what to expect from Leopard, so we have no idea what new and improved features await us in August. But that's not stopping us from coming up with a list of things we'd like to see in OS X 10.5." And for when you're done reading.
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expose windows manager
by kloty on Thu 29th Jun 2006 18:57 UTC
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What I would like to have is a possibility to manage the open windows when they are in expose mode. If I want to clean up my desktop now I have to open expose, click on a window, close it, open Expose, click on a window, close it ... I want to be able to close windows while Expose is running.


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