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Opera Software "The last time I tried Opera, it was still advertisement supported, and offered me no real reason to choose their ad-free option for the money being asked. A number of people used to feel that Opera's ads were off-topic and more annoying than anything. I should be clear in saying that I support companies with a strong privacy policy using ads should they choose to. I just did not see the value in adding them to a browser that offered very little that other browsers did not. Today, this has changed. Opera is now ad free, and they have added some cool new functionality." On a related note, Microsoft has released the 3rd beta version of IE7 for Windows XP/2003.
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RE: Opera is an aquired taste
by Tron on Fri 30th Jun 2006 03:48 UTC in reply to "Opera is an aquired taste"
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I Totally agree. People need to be shown what they can do with Opera. Recently closed tabs, full page zoom, mouse gestures, fast forward, user css, turning off the menu bar, password wand, session saving, content blocking, html editing of cached pages, debug mode, integrated google search -- and those are just the features "I" use on a daily basis. I had to "explore" Opera for a couple hours to find all these features, and then decide how each one could improve my browsing/designing experience. I doubt Joe six-pack would do the same.

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