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Original OSNews Interviews The news that Apple is going to switch to Intel processors shook up the computing world. Many users and developers were eager to publish their opinions on the switch. However, one group of people were totally neglected during all this: resellers. Today, we feature an interview with Wim Schermer, first Dutchman to own a Mac (in 1984), and co-founder of one of the biggest Apple retail stores in The Netherlands, MacSupport. We discuss the switch to Intel, and much more.
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He may be surprised...
by Anonymous on Fri 5th Aug 2005 07:53 UTC
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Of course, he knows his business. But think what will be on the shelves a year from now. It will be products from Dell and from Apple whose sole difference will be the OS and bundled software. The punter will immediately be able to see processor speed, disk size, memory, graphics and know that these are or are not comparably spec'd at comparable prices. At the moment he really cannot make that comparison. because of all the FUD about processors. Now, the Apple loyalists would argue, this is fine. Macs are comparably priced now, and will still be comparably priced a year from now. We'll see. I think there will turn out to be a 30% premium, at least, and I think it won't fly. Or rather, it will fly for the loyalists, who will tell themselves the usual stories. But it won't fly for the other 95% of the market. And in the end, as a strategy, this is the way to become the Amiga of this decade.

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