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General Development A series of patches has been proposed on the Linux kernel mailing list earlier by a team of engineers from Red Hat, ClusterFS, IBM, and Bull to extend the Ext3 filesystem, adding support for very large filesystems. After a long discussion, the developers came forward with a plan to roll these changes into a new version: Ext4. LWN covered the changes as well as the arguments put forward for a new filesystem a few weeks back.
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RE: EXT4 - not needed
by egarland on Sat 1st Jul 2006 05:02 UTC in reply to "EXT4 - not needed"
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EXT2/3 survives today because it's better than all the others in one important way. It doesn't have more features, it doesn't have more speed, it has more simplicity. It behaves preditably, it's easy to repair and it's code is simple and light. It has fewer bugs than the others and is therefor much better suited to people who care about the reliability of their data over the features the other filesystems offer (which is pretty much everybody).

This is great news, especially the extents thing. It should make the filesystem metadata much smaller and reduce the related overhead significantly.

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