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Mac OS X CodeWeavers is in early testing with CrossOver Office for Mac now and plans to release a final version of the software in July or August. Wine is a compatibility layer, not a true emulator, so it works with only some Windows programs. Developers at CodeWeavers and others on the open-source Wine effort have to work on each program they want to make compatible.
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RE[2]: Great!
by yorch on Sat 1st Jul 2006 10:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Great!"
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True - There is a Mac version of Microsoft Office suite, but some applications are missing.

Thanks CodeWeavers, this is a great. I use Visio a lot and always have to move my work from the iMac to the ThinkPad whenever I have to work with it.

Nevertheless, I hope CrossOver Office is better implemented in OS X than it is in Linux, where the application is far from perfection, IMHO.

Regarding the article itself, I found out very interesting the last sentence:
"Parting with money is just not part of the Linux way", White said.

It this is what most ISV think about Linux? If yes, it is easy to understand the lack of commercial applications in the Linux world.

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