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X11, Window Managers "We are very pleased to announce this release, the first major update to cairo since the original 1.0 release 10 months ago. Compared to cairo 1.0, the 1.2 release doubles the number of supported backends, adding PDF, PostScript & SVG backends to the previous xlib/win32, and image backends."
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Nice !
by lord_rob on Sat 1st Jul 2006 21:35 UTC
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I'm really impressed by how fast X11 has grown in Linux (of course also *NIX/BSD) since the death of XFree86 and the birth of xorg.

Graphical *nix was quite bad compared to windows performance wise, but also had some major advantages. The main advantage is of course the network transparency. I really enjoy the ability to run an application remotely with a perfect integration. Now if xorg can also be very performant then windows has an even more serious competitor, not only on servers but also on the desktop.

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