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Internet Explorer NeoSmart has a review of the just released Internet Explorer 7 and screenshots to match. The review focuses on the user interface, security, and compatibility of Internet Explorer 7 compared to IE6, Opera, and Firefox. They conclude: "The world of online browsing has finally reached a point where, by-and-large, it doesn't matter what browser a user chooses or how they decide to browse the web, for the most part pages will display the way they should, the users will be secure, and malware needs to find a new venue. This latest build of Internet Explorer 7 only strengthened our opinion."
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the king is back!
by siimo on Sun 2nd Jul 2006 01:35 UTC
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If what this review says is true then IE is made a come back in a very big way. Even though I don't use IE anymore I am happy about this as most people do use it and this will mean they will be safer on the web than they are with IE6.

Bravo! to I.E. team @ Microsoft.

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