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Features, Office People say I rant too much. I complain and complain, but never seem to really like anything. As I promised a few weeks ago, I will talk about things I love about computers. After explaining why I like to complain and rant, this column will solely deal with fluffy bunnies, green meadows, blue skies, and shiny, happy people. I promise.
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by rattaro on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 03:47 UTC
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It is reasonable to think that "computers are simply not important enough to care about." That's fine. I wish Thom would realize that others can feel differently. To some people, computers are a passion. To others, literature. To others, car engines. And even others, sports. Most artists feel a close connection to their favorite tools, and I don't think that makes them zealots or fools. I don't feel the same passion, but I respect the strength of their feelings.

Thom is so proud to announce that people shouldn't have any personal connections to computers. Computers are just tools. Then what are you trying to accomplish? Writing a paper? Balancing a budget? Preparing a talk? These are all tools to accomplish a task as well. Writing this article is simply a tool for communicating a point. So, life is all about using tools to accomplish tasks, that's sad, and pretty empty.

True, if you feel that everything in life is all important, and everything is worth dying for, then you're just a histrionic fool. But if you feel that everything is just a tool, and nothing is worth discussing, or even arguing about, then you miss the magic and passion of life itself, and that is not good either.

I'm disappointed that Thom could not figure out such a simple idea, but I'm not surprised.

There's a wonderful world out there for all types of people with all different interests, ideas, hobbies, and obsessions. Your next door neighbor has a life, just as interesting, unique, yet different from yours. Try to appreciate the differences in people, without putting them down for being different. You may not have their same interests, but that's what life is about. The old cliche is true. Variety is the spice of life.

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