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Linux It's been over a year since the last time I reviewed (1, 2) the Linux distribution that I use most of the time, Arch Linux. Since then, while the distro-specific innovations have slowed a bit down, maturity and stability has emerged.
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Package creation is not hard
by siimo on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 06:18 UTC
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there is a PKGBUILD master template avaiable here: /var/abs/PKGBUILD.proto

With most the the common apps that you can install with checkinstall - all it takes is entering name, version, source location, md5sums and you are ready to go! Optionally other stuff as well if you know it like depends and builddepends etc but not really needed.

you really do not need to write the entire PKGBUILD unless you are going to redistribute the build. For the technically challenged, few attempts might take a bit of trial and error but then you will be able to do it just as fast as checkinstall.

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