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X11, Window Managers Adam Jackson has announced the availability of "the zeroth release candidate(s) of the next Xorg release(s)." The changelog is here. Before downloading, be warned, in the developers' words: "The RC number is not accidental. This is unpolished and rough, and is only just at the point where we can usefully have large numbers of people testing it and fixing things."
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RE[2]: Composite?
by zlynx on Fri 5th Aug 2005 17:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Composite?"
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Composite may be stable but there's no point to using it unless you also use Render acceleration. I've tried it. Software render is deadly slow when doing transparent windows. Stack two or three windows together and we're talking an update every 3 seconds or worse (Athlon64 3400+, GF4MX, 1920x1200 32-bit).

The situation might be better with the new Render MMX/SSE work but I doubt it can compare to using video hardware which is designed for the job.

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