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Java Sun was quick to deny published reports today that it plans to open source Java in the next few months. The company is working on the project, but any transition to open source is closer to a year away. Simon Phipps, chief open-source officer for Sun, made a comment he said was misconstrued at the Open Source Business Conference in London earlier this week concerning Sun's efforts to release Java as an entirely open source project.
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by dnstest on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 10:28 UTC
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Did anyone ever think that this was going to happen the next day? Opensourcing Java is a sizable task and will take time.

I have to wonder what exactly is meant by moving Java to "open source". I interpret it as being able to view the Java source code and the right to modify and compile it for individual use. I do not foresee Sun giving up much, if any, control. I do not see Sun taking independent code contributions, nor do I see an open system where others can start and distribute their own Java forks.

Anyway, what is the big deal? How many people care/who is affected? The average Java programmer is going to get little from this. They will continue writing code against Java, gaining nothing from the ability to view the runtime engine's source code. Only a few genius Java junkies are going to actually dig in and gain from being able to read the source.

That being said, this is a positive step on Sun's behalf. Java is the only practicle OS-independent application runtime environment for local excecution. What remains to be seen is if the Internet-delivered application model can truely replace/replicate the power/featureset of locally-executed applications. The Internet model may dominate and replace, or it may simply coexist. Either way traditional apps and Internet apps will be duking it out for a long time to come. I'm on the side of being able to control my OWN PROPERTY and being able to control MY DATA, thus I hope that Internet apps only go so far.

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