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Features, Office People say I rant too much. I complain and complain, but never seem to really like anything. As I promised a few weeks ago, I will talk about things I love about computers. After explaining why I like to complain and rant, this column will solely deal with fluffy bunnies, green meadows, blue skies, and shiny, happy people. I promise.
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by egarland on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 15:11 UTC in reply to "Wel..."
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The parent makes a great point. You can argue computers are just tools all you want, it doesn't make their design and features any less important. The fact is, computers are by far the most complicated "tools" we own. The range of meaningfully different configurations, capabilities and interface options is unheard of in areas outside the computer.

Computers are also a hobby and recreational activity, similar to cars back in the early days. Are all the car nuts also silly for paying so much attention to "tools"? There are shows on TV where people tweak engines on 30 year old cars. You can start arguing we're as bad when someone is talking about how to get the most out of your 8086 in 2011.

In 20 years when the functionality and interface of computers has settled down and they all look pretty much the same and have the same capabilities and everything manages itself these discussions may look silly, but we're far from that time.

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