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BeOS & Derivatives Over at IsComputerOn, an article discusses with Axel Dörfler, the Haiku move for the FreeBSD network stack. Also talked about is the thought of using ReiserFS instead of BFS.
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Why FreeBSD's stack?
by ecko on Fri 5th Aug 2005 17:43 UTC
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I don't get it? I thought FreeBSD had a stack that was considered at this point to be aging and sub par. A lot of work has gone into making the linux stack multiprocessor friendly and I seem to recall one of BeOS's claims to fame was the the entire GUI was heavily threaded thus yeiled high benefits from SMP systems.

I don't personally like reiserFS because it ate my data one time but I could see why you'd use it in an OS that really isn't ready for production yet. It has many cool features and shares some of the design philosphies of the original BeFS

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