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Linux After six years of financial difficulties and reorganizations, Corel finally seems on track with promising first and second quarters in 2006 and a return to public trading. One of the first steps in this turnabout, according to Graham Brown, executive vice president of software development at Corel, was the jettisoning of the company's products for Linux, WordPerfect for Linux and Corel Linux.
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RE: Xandros 4
by MechaShiva on Mon 3rd Jul 2006 18:37 UTC in reply to "Xandros 4"
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That is some very unfortunate news. As a network admin, Windows activation has been a real thorn in my side, especially when dealing with flaky hardware that requires reinstalling the OS (Dell, I hate you). I've had to waste more time on the MS product activation hotline than I care to think about.

I've always liked the polish that Xandros put into their distro and their attention to the little things really helped set them apart. Now they have this which, in my mind, sets them apart for all the wrong reasons.

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