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Linux "They said it at LinuxWorld in Toronto a few months ago. They've buzzed it at analysts, and now the press is saying it to the public. Novell says this is the year of the Linux desktop, and I'm familiar with evidence showing gains in popularity for Linux. Yet, I disagree that this is the year. Nothing is happening this year to make it, specifically, the year of the Linux desktop and I'm going to hypothesize what could change that."
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to start off I am a linux user and have been sence 1997.

looking back at why i installed linux in the first place was that I needed a Unix like system on my Intell Pentium 100 that did not cost a arm and a leg. and i still use linux for the same reason.

That being sayed i could rilly care less if its the year of the linux desktop or the year of the pink elephent this push to make linux into a "Windows Replacmet" is ruining linux. lately your avrage distro is so clutred with resource hoging librarys (ie beagle mono) and and the usefull xhosts take a wayside.

Linux will go ware the comunity takes it and the comunity needs to focus linux on what it does best

as fr me linux goes with vfwm and a text based login

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