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Microsoft Good as well as bad news for Microsoft on the legal front. Their good news is that a judge has rejected Go Computing's claim that Microsoft used dirty tricks to keep it out of the operating system market. However, their bad news is that an EU committee ruled on Monday that Microsoft failed to comply with a landmark antitrust decision, paving the way for fines of up to 2 million euros a day, a source familiar with the situation said.
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RE: Netscape is old news
by Shkaba on Tue 4th Jul 2006 04:07 UTC in reply to "Netscape is old news"
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and I am sick of people crying "big bad wolf" regarding possible fines by EU. I guess a bully (MS) ran into a real big bully (EU), and now has to play nice with other kids in the schoolyard. It is just a start though, I am sure more is to follow. As far as MS deliberately breaking compatibilities with other systems, well, that is a well established fact. Nothing wrong with that, in most cases just ended up as failed experiments.

What I can't understand is how some people here (we are supposed to be smart-ish) can say that "MS has complied with the ruling of the case and yet has been fined wrongly". Are they implying that there is no rule of law in EU? That people can arbitrarily decide who is in compliance and who is not? Those people have obviously never had any contact with the outside world, and need to crawl back in the basement of their parents ;-)

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