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Microsoft Good as well as bad news for Microsoft on the legal front. Their good news is that a judge has rejected Go Computing's claim that Microsoft used dirty tricks to keep it out of the operating system market. However, their bad news is that an EU committee ruled on Monday that Microsoft failed to comply with a landmark antitrust decision, paving the way for fines of up to 2 million euros a day, a source familiar with the situation said.
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RE[3]: Netscape is old news
by Vanders on Tue 4th Jul 2006 09:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Netscape is old news"
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1) That's not arbitary: they have to sit through that long boring part where people present evidence
2) It's backed by the weight of law, so even if it were arbitary, it would still be lawful.

You've been posting an awful lot today. To my eye, it seems every other post if by you. Either the fatigue is getting to you or you're trolling, because you appear to be having an awful time holding on to a coherent argument. Given your posting frequency, lack of coherence and laughable inability to grasp even basic, well established concepts such as the rule of law, I'd say you're troll.

Nearly half the posts in a 120 post thread. That's not a bad hook-rate but the ratio is terrible. You are not a very good troll.

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